In my family, we held newspapers valuable. We sought them out while on vacation, or at least my father did. I remember sitting at a sidewalk table in front of a deli in downtown Lewes, Delaware, poring over, of all things, the New York Post.

It probably wasn’t a coincidence that obtaining and reading newspapers usually also involved coffee.

When we returned home, there would be a stack of newspapers waiting for us. Did a neighbor collect them? I was not involved in such details.

Returning from vacation is usually a bit of a downer. One way I made up for this: I would locate the sections holding the comics in the papers that had accumulated while we’d been away, fold them to expose the comics, and read them straight through, five or seven days’ worth of corny Garfield, trenchant Doonesbury, silly Phantom, all in a row. Reentry eased by newsprint.

It helped.

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