Clipper Guard Sizes: Oster, Wahl, and Speed-O-Guide

As a longtime autotonsorialist (one who cuts his own hair), I’ve accumulated Oster, Wahl, and Speed-O-Guide clippers and/or blades and blade guards. (For the uninitiated, these are what govern how long the resulting hair cut is.)

With all of this equipment around, it often happens that I want a cut slightly longer or shorter than one configuration will give me, but I don’t necessarily want to jump all the way to that particular brand’s next size.

Those of us who like buzz cuts and the like know there can be quite a difference if you jump a whole 1/8 of an inch, the difference between most Wahl guards. (Or maybe we’re just crazy, as we’ve been told by family, mates, acquaintances, etc. So be it.)

So, I finally made a Google Sheet showing all of the various blade and guard sizes from these three manufacturers, in order of length. Enjoy, share, and let me know if you spot any typos.

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