Think of the children—or, actually, don’t!

A timely reminder that the 14-year-old girls children of America don’t want to have sex with you:

“We don’t want to kiss you. We don’t want to be touched by you. Not under the bra. Not over the bra. Not anywhere in the vicinity of our bras. Why are you thinking about our bras?”

Found this via the wonderful Ann Friedman, whose weekly “what I’m reading” newsletter my brother recommended to me, and which I’m now recommending to you. I end up subscribing to and then ignoring a lot of newsletters, but this one I’m liking a lot. You can go directly to the sign-up page here.


Mothers, Doctors, and other Superheroes

A heartfelt thank you to all of the people out there who have devoted their lives to helping and caring for every mother’s child as if it were their own.

This Mother’s Day I am thinking about mothers and doctors, two special breeds that become especially powerful when combined.

As many of you know, Maya recently suffered a serious flesh wound to her forehead. At the local hospital, the decision was taken to use DermaBond (or something like it–a medical adhesive) to close the wound, rather than stitches.

This seemed like a great idea at the time, especially to those of us who had been holding Maya’s face together for the preceding 90 minutes and liked the thought of a fast, easy, and painless resolution. Continue reading